Handy Roaster Bundle


The Handy Roaster Bundle is the perfect starting point for those who like to experiment and get hands on when learning the tricks of the trade.


The Handy Roaster included in this bundle is a fun introduction to the world of home coffee roasting. All you need is a heat source, some raw coffee beans and around 10 minutes and you’ll be on your way to experiencing the magic of being your own coffee roaster.

Bundle Contents:

- 1 x Handy Roaster
- 1kg Brazil Fazenda Sao Silvestre
- 1kg Mexico Decaf Mountain Water Processed

This pack will appeal to those looking for an easy way to start experimenting with roasting, while knowing they are using the highest quality raw coffee.

Di Bella Coffee uses all the single origin raw coffee as part of our Signature Blends that we include in this pack. Create your own flavour profile or enjoy each of the distinct flavour characteristics from the flavours of origin.

This is a perfect gift idea for any coffee aficionado who wants to enhance their coffee journey through the art of roasting.