From Coffee Salt Carrots to Di Bella infused Tiramisu…Tips and advice on how to pair good coffee with great ingredients by Colin Fassnidge

Life is about discovering and exploring, which for me as a Chef, is usually about flavours. There’s a few things to consider before you can start experimenting with adding coffee to your recipes. Understanding how coffee derives its flavour profiles, depending on the region it comes from will give you a good start to your coffee and food pairing journey. This is something I enjoyed learning through a cupping session at the Di Bella coffee roastery.

The Di Bella Coffee Product & Procurement team taught me all about the coffee flavour wheel and how it works. My understanding of coffee flavour profiles is that they’re similar to wine and the origin of the grapes will depict whether it will be a Red, White or Rosé.

Start by experimenting with different coffee flavours to work out what will work well as a flavour match, try each coffee with sweet, savoury and spicy. Add coffee to one of your favourite rubs or incorporate it into your favourite sauce and take note of the change to the flavour profile, what do you like about it, what’s missing?

One of my favourite blends is the legendary Di Bella Felici coffee which is a sharp and full-bodied coffee. You’ll love this blend’s cacao aromas and heavy chocolate flavour, a perfect match to sweet dishes. I’ve created a Di Bella coffee infused Tiramisu which has been a favourite amongst my guests here at my Banksia Restaurant. Two other uniquely coffee inspired recipes I’ve created are the coffee Braised Beef Cheeks, paired with a side of Coffee Salt Carrots which make for an ideal dinner in the cooler months.

Flavour combinations take practice, but the pay-off is well worth it. My biggest priority in any cooking is having fresh, quality ingredients. Source quality coffee, grind only what you need to use and if you have any leftover, keep it in a vacuum sealed pack to seal in the freshness. Great flavours start with quality ingredients, which is why I use Di Bella.

View the aforementioned Di Bella coffee infused recipes in more detail on the Di Bella website at .

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