Colin Fassnidge’s priorities list

Being a celebrity chef has many perks: photoshoots, travel, food judging, interviews, competitions, meeting fans, and appearing on magazine covers are some of the daily activities in the life of Colin Fassnidge. Many would dream to be in his shoes for a day, but what not a lot people know is that all those things take a second place on Colin’s priorities list.

In an interview with Colin Fassnidge he told us that the most important thing for him are the women in his life: Jane, Lily and Maeve. Keep reading to discover more about what makes Colin’s life worthwhile.

Di Bella Coffee Team: Colin, we know that you like enjoying life to the fullest, but what is the most important thing in your life?

Colin Fassnidge: Family is the most important thing in my life, Jane, Lily and Maeve might drive me crazy at times, but I can honestly say that those three women are the best things that have ever happened to me.

DBC: What is it that you value the most of your relationship with them?

C: How honest they are with me, I might be a chef and get to judge other people’s cooking on TV, but at home, the women in my life bring me back down to earth and let me know if they don’t think my cooking’s up to scratch. I was on Sunrise for Father’s Day with the girls last year and Kochie asks them about my cooking and Maeve tells him I make terrible pancakes, how’s that for honesty!

DBC: Many chefs have spoken about the strain of working in hospitality on their relationships, but you seem to have found a balance, what’s your secret?

C: The hospitality industry can be really tough on relationships, it’s long hours and late nights. Having Jane working with me in the industry has really been a blessing, and we’ve had the opportunity to start some great venues together – we took the Four in Hand from a little pub dining room to a hatted restaurant, and started 4Fourteen which was a very different style of restaurant, both which we were able to build up together and sell.

DBC: Jane’s also Irish, did she move to Australia with you?

C: Ahh no! Funny enough I came to Australia hoping to meet a tall, blonde Australian woman and I ended up marrying a Northern Irish woman! Jane and I worked together back in the day, I was chef and she was front of house, and almost 20years later, many pubs, restaurants and two daughters later, life’s pretty good.

DBC: Do you think you have changed as a person since being with Jane and having your two daughters?

C: For sure! Having our first daughter Lily changed my life. I was a bit of an angry chef back then, yelling at everyone, having Lily softened me and made me realise what’s important. It also made my cooking better, much better. Instead of worrying about the smoke and mirrors or how something looked, I became much more focussed on the produce and nutritional quality of the food I was cooking, now that I had someone to care for and raise.

DBC: Thank you for sharing this with us Colin, seems like you have a beautiful family to be proud of.

C: Thanks, I certainly do.

Women have the power to change the world. In this case Jane, Lily and Maeve have definitely turned Colin’s world around. A great example of how love and family can conquer it all! From all the Di Bella Team, we wish Colin and his lovely family many more years of happiness and great times together.

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