The role of design in brand image, and how to get it right

Author: Chloe Wilson   Date Posted:14 November 2018 

The role of design in brand image, and how to get it right main image The role of design in brand image, and how to get it right image

The role of design in brand image, and how to get it right


I believe Di Bella has created one of the strongest brands in our industry. It is instantly recognisable, and communicates not only the quality of our product but the quality of our people.


Having only recently joined the team at Di Bella, I’m still learning about the brand on a deeper level. But, in the short period of time I’ve been here, it has it been a refreshing reminder of the value of brand image and identity.


Before thinking about your brands look and feel, it is vital to consider what your brand is, or rather, who your brand is.


It’s one of the most important questions anyone in marketing needs to answer about their brand. If your brand was a person – who would they be?


Once you have a solid idea of your brand and understand its personality, then you can start to answer the question of what it should look like and the messages it should convey. I almost like to think of it as dressing a character in a movie – the rebel needs a leather jacket, the doctor needs a stethoscope, the lawyer needs their suit and tie. Likewise, your brand needs to be ‘dressed’ appropriately for the occasion, and in a way that tells others a little about who the brand is. This doesn’t need to be as literal as that analogy, but a brands attributes certainly need to be communicated on a visual level.


Visuals can communicate information much more efficiently than the written word, but sometimes they can also communicate messages that just can’t be put into words. Such as a particular feeling, or essence.


We have recently rebranded at Di Bella to ensure we continue to communicate who we are as a company now and into the future. At the heart of this rebrand was our philosophy and motto “greatness is in the detail”.


It’s a key aspect of our daily working life, and something we truly believe sums up the Di Bella brand. So, it only made sense for this to be the central theme of our rebranding.


And just take a look at it – our logo, our colours, our fonts – greatness is in the detail! 


Tips for constructing a brand’s image


  1. First thing’s first. Who is your brand’s target market? Your brand’s image should ideally reflect your team and what you’re about, but it also needs to appeal to your target audience.
  2. Whittle away the nothing. It has become a crucial part of my design process. Whenever you find yourself completing a piece, ask yourself “which part needs to go?”. Less is more! 
  3. Never forget the value of consistency! Once you’ve decided on all the design elements of your brand, it’s essential that you stick to them. Mixing and matching of colours and fonts can lead to confusion and a weakening of brand recognition.

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