Black Magic - 82 RANGE


Flavour: Rounded/Hazelnut/Dark Cherry

Aftertaste: Bittersweet Cocoa

Acidity: Citric

Body: Syrupy

Our Recommended Recipe

Dose: 20g Time: 26 secs 
Yield: 45g Extraction: 20.5%*
TDS: 8.8% Bar pressure: 9.0

*Extraction percentages will be dependent on water temperature, pressure and water hardness.

Crop to Cup – Progressing Communities

For Di Bella, the greatness is in the detail.  Through our Crop to Cup program we ensure we deliver the best coffee experience possible through paying close attention to the detail when engaging with each of our coffee communities:

  • the Farmer 
  • the Roaster 
  • the Barista 
  • the Customer right through to the end Consumer

We curate and roast to a specially designed Di Bella Coffee flavour profile dedicated to showcasing the unique qualities of the farm's crop and ensuring we consistently deliver a premium taste experience, using the best processes and techniques               
– enhancing what nature created!

Hand crafted and focused on the unique terroir* of our Crop to Cup growing partners.

*Terroir describes all environmental conditions that affect the final beverage’s taste.