Australian Summer Series

Ho-Ho-Ho! It’s that time of year again. So, drape your Christmas decor, hang your mistletoe- and get your hands on our exclusive Australian Summer Series. The monthly flavour release begins in December, and we’ve ensured the delectably diverse range brings something for everyone- whether you’re seeking a rich, full-bodied cuppa; or a crisp, light brew.

Di Bella’s chief roaster, Ryan talked through the scrupulous creation of the new Summer Series.

To ensure the perfect seasonal tastes, ‘project origin’ delivered us a bunch of samples, which we roasted with care to ensure the full flavour could be recognised. These were then cupped and sampled to discover the characteristics, aromas, and flavours of these unique beans- each naturally absorbing flavour from their soil of origin.

Copious taste tests and cupping experiments later, we’re thrilled to bring you the following carefully curated single origin beans to keep that summer lovin’ going all the way until March!

Name: Christmas Pudding
Month: December and January

Have your cake and drink it too- with our brand-new Christmas Pudding flavour coffee! This festive treat will be available 1 December, so grab yourself a travel-mug for gateau-on-the-go.

Rich aromatics of red wine amalgamate with undertones of sweet, juicy fruits to create a fascinating, full-bodied finish. A hybrid of plum, mulberry, dates, and an emphasis on tropical punch and molasses; combine with chocolate and fragrant red wine, to create a delectable rich cacao finish.

Profile: Spiced and Fruity
Flavour Notes: Cherry, Chocolates, Dates, Red Wine
Description: This crop of Cuzcatleco is sourced from the Finca Himalaya farm of coffee producer Mauricio Salaverria, in the Apaenca region of El Salvador. Influencing our Christmas Pudding single origin, this bean has rich aromatics of red wine, nutmeg, brown sugar. This hybrid varietal makes a fascinating natural with flavours of dark fruit like plum, mulberry, dates, as well as glazed cherry, chocolate, and dessert wine, with a rich cacao finish. We love this coffee for its woody notes, full weight, fruity acidity and comforting Christmas taste.

Name: Lemon Meringue
Month: December and January

December party season has begun- you’ve consumed a few too many cocktails, overindulged on Christmas pudding and the only thing that’s got lighter is your wallet. It’s probably time for a pick-me-up to get over those anticlimactic festive blues. Luckily, we’ve got just the solution. December’s lemon-meringue single origin coffee! You’ll be sipping on this hot beverage twenty-four-lemon.

Wake up your senses with this clean and creamy mix, combining zesty orange and lime flavours, with sweet caramel. Candied aromas mingle with a lingering citrus aftertaste, to suppress your sweet cravings, and leave you feeling energised and fresh.

Profile: Bright and Sweet
Flavour Notes: Stone Fruity, Orange, Peach
Description: A summer classic, the Lemon Meringue, draws influence from the flavour notes in this delicious single origin. This rare grower collaboration combines the cherries of 4 different farms within Timana, Huila. This is a very clean and creamy coffee, full of body and flavour and a bright fruity aroma. Enjoy flavours of lemon curd and caramel with hints of orange and bright berry notes, followed by a lingering citrus aftertaste.

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