The Di Bella Story

In 2002, a young entrepreneur with a passion for coffee, named Phillip Di Bella started a small coffee-roasting operation in the Brisbane suburb of Bowen Hills. He named this company Di Bella Coffee.

Over the next decade Phil’s humble coffee roasting operation began to expand, and quickly. In fact, due to the
rapid rate of growth, Di Bella Coffee was recognised in the 2006, 2007 and 2009 Business Review Weekly Fast 100.

What started out as a small coffee roasting operation in the suburbs of Brisbane in 2002 had emerged as a revolutionary, customer focused business, which became synonymous with opportunity and innovation.

Di Bella Today

In 2018 Di Bella Coffee, Roasting Australia, Di Bella USA and Evolution Roasters NZ were merged to form Australia’s largest coffee roasting, manufacturing and distribution enterprises, Di Bella.

This consolidation brings together the expertise of decades of experience across roasting, procurement, supply chain and customer experience across four continents.  Our size allows us to be competitive in any market as well as flexible to individualise bespoke contract roast opportunities of any size.  We tailor solutions for cafes, hotels, office and home users as well as partner with brands and companies to roast unique blends specific to their business needs.

Today Di Bella roasts in excess of 5,000 tonnes of coffee annually and we proudly support baristas and business owners in over 3,000 cafes to ensure that our customers and consumers are enjoying the ultimate coffee experience.

As we continue to grow and expand into the global market, our focus remains on the customer experience and quality and consistency of our coffee, guided by our vision, Greatness is in the Detail…right down to the last bean.

Contact us to find out how we can assist you with a tailor-made package to suit your needs.

We invite you to experience our world of Di Bella.

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